Images from your portrait shoot are provided as digital downloads.


What should I wear for my water portrait?

You can wear almost anything you want as long as it is bathing suit material such as lycra, polyester, spandex or neoprene. In some cases, pools will allow cotton. Check your cities Gallery to see material options allowed for that facility. It is important that the material of your outfit does not pill or come off in the water. Popular outfits are bathing suits, dresses, pants and shirt, costumes, leggings, mermaid tails, long flowing scarves and even hats if you can tie them onto your head. Remember that being in water is like being in zero gravity, so if it floats and isn't attached to you, it will probably come off during the shoot.


What if I don't want to open my eyes under water?

There are many great images that can be created with your eyes closed. You can check them out in the under water portrait Galleries. Some people choose to wear swim goggles for their shoot, or bring them as a backup.


Can I wear makeup?

Yes, you can wear makeup as long as it is waterproof. Please note: many lipsticks that say they are waterproof are not secure enough to last an underwater photoshoot. Only lip stains will stay on. Trust me. I have tried em all. You may also choose the "Add Makeup" option and have your makeup professionally done prior to getting in the water. 


How deep is the water?

The water will be between 4 and 5 feet and there will likely be an underwater backdrop draped behind you. For those of you who are not this tall, no worries, I am water safety trained. Children have held onto my shoulders and stood on my knee between shots. There may also be additional assistants at your shoot.


At what time should I arrive for my shoot?

You should be on the pool deck at least 20 minutes to half an hour prior to the start time of your shoot. You will need need to fill out some paperwork and get dressed if (for example) you need to be fitted for a mermaid tail. More time is required if you are having your makeup done. Otherwise, please arrive on the pool deck in the outfit you would like to wear. If you are late for your shoot, we always do our best to fit you in at some point during the pool time, however this is not guaranteed. 


How long does it take?

The shoot itself will take approximately 15 minutes. A common misconception of photoshoots is that it takes a long time to get a great shot. If everything is set up prior to the shoot, you are ready and dressed, the gear is ready to go, and the photographer knows the great angles to shoot, it is very easy and fun. These are the benefits of working with an experienced photographer. Often, several great shots are secured within the first 5 minutes. Under water shoots need to be quick and efficient to be comfortable and end on a good note before you become cold or tired.


Will I get to choose my favorite shot?

Yes, you will get to view your shots and choose your favorites. This will usually take place within the following couple of days after your shoot. You will sign up for a viewing time either prior to or at the time you arrive for your shoot.


Can I get more images if I decide I'd like more?

If you decide you would like more images, you may purchase them individually. Simply provide a list of the images you would like. Each image is provided as a digital download.


Can I get a photo as a couple or a group photo?

Yes, you sure can. Please contact for pricing for group photos.


How can I get the tour to stop in my town?

You can contact info@susanknightstudios.com and ask to have your town added to the tour schedule. A certain number of participants will be required.