About Susan Knight Studios

Susan grew up 22 hours, by car, from the nearest ocean and has always been in awe of anything water. She received a Biology degree in Saskatchewan then after years of (happily) diving in cold dark lakes, moved to the west coast to complete her training and advance to become a Master SCUBA Diver Trainer. Her first teaching position was with the UBC Aquasociety. After a year of volunteering, she also secured a job with the Vancouver Aquarium Education Dept. She traveled with a crack team of awesomely nerdy Biologists and a giant truck filled with live marine creatures to teach kids all over BC about the ocean. From there, she participated in many interesting projects traveling and teaching, by car and by boat, mostly in the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii and the Caribbean. She has been involved in guiding, writing and teaching about the natural world and how important it is for our health and mental wellness for over 20 years. Susan's main passion and purpose is to re-connect people with nature and their inner selves, through visual arts, teaching and guided experiences. She organizes retreats that nurture the connection of inner tranquility in moments of stillness with the exhilaration of traveling the open road. 

Her interest in photograpy and film blossomed while working as a model, body double and crew in Canada's "Hollywood North". She eventually focused on under water photography launching Susan Knight Studios while living in Kona, Hawaii. Years in front of the camera has given her intutitve insight into shooting people in the best possible way while having fun in the process. Susan has become recognized for her personalized under water portraits, as well as her many images of mermaids and marine life.
She loves working with the camera shy and capturing an image that shows them how powerful they really are. She believes that everyone has a unique personal essence that can be expressed on film. Many people describe their photo sessions and guided ocean experiences with her as life changing, as they discover or renew their connection to water. 

She has worked as a lab technician, SCUBA Diving instructor, snowshoe guide,
dive and snorkeling guide, kids camp counselor, whale watching naturalist, traveling marine biology instructor, volcano hiking guide, under water videographer and photographer, office jockey, marketing rep, personal shopper, set dresser for film and television, 5 ton truck driver, and meditation teacher. She has helped organize many meditation gatherings and retreats. Her first job ever was in a library. 

After taking a couple free diving courses to learn proper techniques and safety, she transitioned to the freedom of this form of water exploration. Her underwater portraits, images of dolphins, whalesharks and other marine life are all captured while free diving on a single breath of air. Some of her favorite animals to swim with are manta rays, dolphins, green sea turtles, whale sharks, hammerheads, and the many super cool invertebrates that carpet the sea floor, especially corals and nudibranchs. Her favorite land based activities include forest hikes, biking, chilling at the beach and exploring the active volcanoes in Hawaii.
Susan regularly contributes photographs, videography and writing to conservation projects and co-creates unique imagery to help people promote their business. She has worked extensively with professional Mermaids and loves that being a mermaid is a viable career choice. Her photography has been featured in Sport Diver Magazine, Mermaids & Mythology Magazine, Freesurf Magazine, Organic Spa Magazine, Barnacle Babes Magazine (Cover), Ocean Artist's Society Magazine (Cover), and Spirit & Destiny Magazine(UK). Known as "The Mermaid Photographer", her personal story as well as many of her Mermaid images can be seen in the book Mermaids 101 by Doreen Virtue. Susan is a published author of marine life teaching curriculum distributed by REEF and PADI. Her photographs are represented in the Holualoa Gallery in Hawaii and she recently had a show at the amazing Watershed Arts Cafe in Langley, BC.
May you find your passion and live it.