About Susan Knight Studios

Susan is a Biologist, photographer, dive/snorkeling instructor and naturalist guide who has been guiding, writing and teaching about the natural world and how important it is for our health and mental wellness for over 20 years. She is an experienced retreat facilitator and meditation teacher.


Most of her water work has been in the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii and the Caribbean. She is immensely inspired by travel, exploration and the beauty of nature. While living in Hawaii, she fell in love with under water photography and launched Susan Knight Studios. Some of the images she has accumulated also appear in her 'Sea Yourself' clothing line.


Sometimes known as “The Mermaid Photographer” she enjoys working with the outgoing as well as the camera shy, to capture underwater portraits that express unique personal essence and power. She values play and feels that creating unforgettable imagery is meant to be fun and artistic. It's about telling a story. Susan has worked extensively with professional Mermaids and loves that being a mermaid is a viable career choice.

As an artist, she truly believes that focusing on joy and bringing awareness to our own self and environment engages creative outlets we can explore, enjoy and develop. Some of her favorite moments have been hiking the active volcanoes in Hawaii and anything Ocean anywhere.


Her photography has been featured in Sport Diver Magazine, Mermaids & Mythology Magazine, Freesurf Magazine, Big Island Weekly, 72 & Rising Magazine, Organic Spa Magazine, Buzzfeed, Barnacle Babes Magazine (Cover, writer), Ocean Artist's Society Magazine (Cover), Spirit & Destiny Magazine(UK), and the book Mermaids 101. She is a published co-author of marine life teaching curriculum distributed by REEF and PADI.


May you find your passion and live it.


Instagram @susanknightstudios